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About Me

UX and Level Design

Welcome to the little world of me! I wish I could tell you that I knew I wanted to be a game designer from the moment I opened my eyes or that it was my dream to make games since I had my first transformative PS1 experience. In reality, I didn't really play games until high school and hadn't quite realized how much I loved designing them until after I got my English degree. Ours was a slow burn kind of love, but I truly believe that each moment I struggled to learn things my peers had made habit years earlier made me into the attentive and diligent designer I am today. I strive to approach each project by remembering that this was a dream I chose with my whole heart, and that as game designers, we have the wondrous honor of touching others' lives in wondrous ways.

When I'm not trying to put a witchy farming mechanic in every game I work on, you can find me reading fantasy, baking cinnamon rolls, dying my hair, and collecting Magic cards that sparkle.

Featured Projects

Project: Match-3 Mobile Game (Team)

Roles: UX and Puzzle Design


Project: Tabletop Card Creation (Solo)

Roles: UX and Systems Design

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