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Project Specs

Project Overview

Objective: Take the provided Game Design Document (GDD) and create a complete UX/UI experience
Team: 4 Designers
Tools: Azure RP & Mindmeister


GDD: Working within a pre-designed system meant we had to get creative with solutions as we couldn't change the core design
Time: 9 weeks to become familiar with the core systems and build a working prototype




My first job was to gather comparables for the project we would be building. Our goal was to better understand the standards surrounding similar games and to gather ideas of what we might emulate or change.



Creating Design Pillars

Our next goal was to collaborate on a set of design pillars to help drive our process. These pillars helped us razor ideas that did not align with the project, and reinforced ideas that met the pillars' criteria.


Mind Map

After deciding the core mechanics of the game and our target audience, we began plotting out the prototype process using a mind map.

affinity chart.png

Take a more detailed look at the Mind Map:


Wireframe Responsibilities

After the planning stage, we split up wireframe between team members. I created the:
       - Main menu
       - Shops
       - Crafting
       - User Profile
       - Persistent HUD

The video below shows my contributions to the project. It was important to make sure the whole team stayed aligned throughout the process so the prototype felt like one cohesive project.

Feel free to browse the entire project:

Art Pass

Having completed the placeholder wireframes, I was then tasked with creating a higher fidelity sample chapter map. Our goal was to test what the art style might look like in a full prototype.

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