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Now that I had a general idea of the project outline, it was time to research!

Familiar: Battle of the Labyrinth

Game Specs

Project Overview

Team: 8 member cross-disiplinary

Engine: Unity

Additional tools: Figma, Photoshop, Wwise


Assets: Team was responsible for creation of art, audio, code, particles, etc.

Time: Created over two semesters


- Design Lead

- UX Designer

- Interim Producer



Personal Contributions

In addition to the examples below, some of my contributions to the project were:

  • Prototyping & Playtesting

  • Tracking task management and spinning up weekly production meetings

  • Wireframing and prototyping UI

  • Implementing art and audio assets

Post Mortum

Technical Learnings

  • Gained a deeper understanding of Unity and C# scripting

  • Practiced particle creation

  • Learned from fellow designers about robust Unity implementation

  • Practiced art and audio implementation

Collaboration Learnings

  • Practiced communicating with other development disciplines
  • Gained insight into sprint and milestone processes

  • Practiced pitching design concepts to stakeholders
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