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Level Guidance

Choose your own adventure by doing any combination of the following:

  • Watch a playthrough of the level with insights into the design process

  • Scroll down to find out more about the project

Project Specs

Project Overview

Objective: Create a "walking sim" that focuses on leading the player through a 3D space

Goal: Center interesting spaces rather than gameplay or mechanics


No Explicit Signage: Must rely on spatial archetypes and level design principles only

Time: 3 weeks to create a cohesive space

Art & Sound: I could only use self-made or Unity assets (meant to be colorful blockmesh)


- Unity & ProBuilder

- Visual Scripting / C#

- Maya



Rough Outline


Maya Blockmesh

Building Draft


Once I had some practice and a good idea of where I wanted to go with the project, I started putting everything together in Unity using ProBuilder, lighting, particles, audio, etc. Then came the weeks of editing until it was time to say goodbye (even though it seems like there's always more to add!)

Final Product

Feel free to scrub through the finished project below and watch out for some commentary on the design behind the project!

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