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2D Platformer

Follow the link to subscribe to my levels on Steam to play through them yourself!

Choose your own adventure by doing any combination of the following:

-              Playing the levels in your own time

-              Watching a playthrough of each level below

-              Perusing the research study I completed for these levels

-              Scrolling until something catches your eye!


Made in the BattleBlock Theater: Level Editor

Project Specs

Project Overview

Objective: Create a series of five levels that have a cohesive progression

Skill Themes: Explore different skill themes while maintaining familiar platforming sequences and building off previous encounters


Time: I only had three weeks to create a polished collection of levels

Engine: Working in a commercial engine means having to find interesting solves to tech problems. You can't change the system, so you have to get creative!

Design Goals

  1. Introduce a core set of skills

  2. Expand upon the skill set with new combinations and elements

  3. Repeatedly provide ways for players to practice and obtain mastery over the skill sets

  4. Keep players engaged by providing challenges in levels that build off knowledge obtained in previous encounters

  5. Use playtesting to track flow and engagement (and to find those pesky bugs!)


Research Analysis

I conducted a large user research project based on these levels, and the following presentation helps reveal some of my processes while building these encounters. The fully coded and cleaned notes are also available in the attached appendix for those who may be curious about the complete dataset.

Research Report.pptx.png

Level Playthroughs

Level 1

Skill Themes: Timing, Hidden Blocks

Level 2

Skill Themes: Timing, Preservation of Momentum, Don't let the spikes get you down

Level 3

Skill Themes: Timing, Preservation of Momentum, Hidden Blocks, Puzzle Elements

Level 4

Skill Themes: Timing, Preservation of Momentum, Switching Blocks, Puzzle Elements

Level 5

Skill Themes: Timing, Preservation of Momentum, Hidden Blocks, Puzzle Elements, Switching Blocks

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